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Metal Furniture Production

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To form a piece of furniture, it is enough to pour molten metal and forge it. Metal furniture is made by integral molding materials or combining different parts. Can be used in combination with welding, screws, rivets and other products.


In addition, unlike wood, metals can be found in certain sizes on the market at any time. Various sheets, screens, profiles and bars of a certain size can be converted into the desired form by bending, folding or combining. If welding or brazing is not used as the connection method, the parts can be easily separated and packaged for transportation. All these conveniences show that this is an important opportunity to produce furniture entirely from metal.

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In addition to being easy to produce, furniture made entirely of metal is usually produced for use or aesthetic purposes. They are especially aluminum and alloys, which are usually the first choice in outdoor or public areas where corrosion, impact and abrasion resistance are required; in airplanes or high-rise buildings where lightweight is important, and in filing cabinets where fire protection is required. Before plywood and plastic were widely used, metal had been used to make various forms.


Furniture made entirely of metal is assembled by assembling different types of metal products or from the same type of products, and sometimes can be assembled into one piece. A single piece of furniture is defined by the material it is made of, and even the production method is included in the definition: for example, cast iron chairs, stainless steel cabinets, wire chairs.


Metal furniture sheet bending method

You can find decorative coatings, corrosion-resistant, painted or uncoated sheets on the market. Compared with wood, metal plates can be used to produce thinner and lighter furniture. Bending can be done faster and easier. Sheet metal is as flexible as other plates, which is an important advantage, especially for seat products. In addition, a smooth shape can be obtained by bending a single sheet of paper.


Together with the metal plate, two or more bending types of templates can be obtained, and with the help of a mold, any required template can be created. The most common sign of the ability of license plates to penetrate into various forms is the car body panels that have inspired many furniture designers. However, bending through a molding process is expensive and suitable for mass production.


All office and kitchen furniture are produced in this way. Furniture made of sheet steel provides durability in a box-shaped form. The parts are then joined by welding to increase durability and form shapes such as shelves, doors, drawers, cabinets, etc. Aluminum and mild steel are mainly used for curved panel furniture. These two materials are preferred due to the characteristics of bending, lightness and durability.

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In the production of metal chairs, it is preferable to have durability and flexibility boards of various thicknesses. The metal plate can be cut and bent into a specified shape and then turned into a metal chair or coffee table or cardboard box. Furniture can be made from a single board, even without the use of assembly methods. In addition, furniture can be made of sheets cut into certain sizes and shapes, bent in different directions, and then connected with welds, screws, rivets, etc.


Furniture made by bending metal plates has advantages in use and production. Lightweight and economical steel file cabinets can save thin space. Outdoor seating products made of perforated plates are used. You can make folding chairs by yourself. They are durable, seats with durable and bendable sheets and armchair structures. The seat, and other furniture that is difficult to make in the form of furniture plastic and other materials other than


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