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How should we choose a sofa in our life?

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Sofa is the main furniture in the sitting room, to whole sitting room, and living in atmosphere is having very important effect,because this is choosing when sofa must be cautious ,must not make these taboos.

One, avoid does not consider the style.

When choosing sofa, avoid by all means sees a piece of beautiful sofa in the store, buy home immediately. Buy back to just discover to be put in the very good-looking design between model, put in oneself very awkward in the home. When choosing a sofa, we must pay attention to the harmony between the sofa style and the overall decoration style. The foundation that is opposite to the family is decorated, sofa besides use function, still had the effect that foils the environment. Accordingly,the design of sofa and color must decorate with the family,adornment mass-tonal photograph is unified. And our wire sofa has a lot of styles, you can choose according to their own home decoration.

wire sofa

Two, avoid does not consider the size.

When choosing sofa on market, you can discover the size of sofa is very much, there are hundreds of kinds. Brand sofa shops usually have showrooms to display their products. It should be noted that the exhibition hall gives us a relatively broad visual sense, if you just use the naked eye to estimate the size of the sofa will often produce a great deviation, so there will be such a situation, buy back the sofa is too big, the living room becomes crowded; The size of the sofa is small, out of proportion to the overall space. Accordingly, when choosing sofa, to avoid to be misled by broad exhibition hall,should understand the area of his sitting room or bedroom first. Then choose the right sofa.

Three, avoid not to consider the living habits of the family.

In addition, the sofa when must fully consider the family at ordinary times some of habits and customs, such as the old man likes to depend on the sofa reading a newspaper, , children like to eat snacks, on the couch watching TV when young people like to drink coffee, in this case , you can choose open and incorporated in  the armrest sofa, or choose takes the sofa of removable shelf, use open or shelf storage,save a space  and convenient life , the sitting room of small family model in space is not allowed , especially can draw lessons from.

Four,avoid does not consider the bearing force of sofa.

The bearing force of sofa decided the service life of sofa, and the frame of sofa decided the bearing force of sofa directly again. Should choose a durable sofa, the frame that should see sofa above all whether lasting not easy change model. 

Next, please allow me to introduce our steel wire sofa.

wire sofa

The seat above each piece of furniture is made up of fine metal mesh, and the curved shape of the mesh is designed according to the outline of the human body . It brings a certain transparency and a sense of lightness on vision.

Its glossy surface reflects the surrounding environment of the seat, adding to the floating effect of the metal mesh seat above.

Our wire sofa is very durable, not deformation, can become your life good partner.

Finally, I hope our suggestions can help you. If you want to choose a suitable wire sofa, you can click on our homepage, or contact us directly.


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