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5 Tips for Choosing The Right Bar Stools

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The kitchen bar is an ideal place to entertain guests and relax after a busy day. If you have set up a well-stocked bar counter, you should choose the correct bar stool or chair on your to-do list. Bar stools have quickly become a more popular choice than conventional stools because of their practical, beautiful and stylish characteristics.


There are many types of bar stools on the market. The following five handy tips can help you choose a suitable, practical and attractive bar stool or chair to complement your already magnificent bar counter.


Height is important

When choosing a bar stool or chair, make sure that its height matches the height of the island. First measure the height of the bar from the top to the floor. The difference should be +/- 300mm. This difference in height is the height we usually have on dining tables and desks. Therefore, this is the comfortable height difference that we have become accustomed to. If you want to buy a bar chair with armrests, you also need to pay attention to the height of the armrests, if you need to tuck them under the island platform.

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Choose the function you like

Each type of high stool has different functions and can satisfy various preferences. Some people prefer backless bar stools because they are easier to enter, while others may prefer bar stools with armrests and backrests, which make the entire refrigeration process more comfortable. Some people like to rotate bar stools, such as Cleva Barstool with rotatable seats. As long as the height of the stool matches the height of the bar, what unique function your stool has is really a matter of personal preference.


Appropriate color matching

Your bar stool should not only be compatible with the kitchen's bar counter, but also with the overall interior design of the kitchen. Light-colored and light-colored bar stools such as white, black, and light brown are easy to match and have a wide range of uses. They can be perfectly matched with most bar cabinets and the overall themes of most interior designs today.


Looking for non-compliant colors? Comfortable furniture is your first choice store, because their chairs are customized in color, and there are more than one hundred colors to choose from! who knows? You might actually prefer the style of making each chair a different color!

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Give full play to design creativity

Although high stools are usually not the center of your home, a properly designed high stool can greatly enhance the overall beauty of the kitchen or dining room. Choose a bar stool that blends luxury, sophistication, glamour or other atmosphere you want to release your creativity. If you want to achieve a mature purpose, then the stylish and unique design of the campus Barstool can do it. If you prefer simplicity and comfort, then you should turn your attention to Qianfu Bar Chair.


Only buy what you need

We know that you want to be ready for your guests at any time, but don’t be tempted to buy too many high stools and end up cluttering them around your island. According to the available space you need to deal with, buy the appropriate number of stools. Moreover, if you are hosting a large party, you can always invite guests to other equally charming places in your house!


Looking for a bar stool for your kitchen? With a variety of customizable colors and different unique functions of the bar stools, you will surely find all the bar stools you need on Qianfu Furniture.


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