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Production Process

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The Perfect Finished Product Comes From Every Step


Cutting Material

We use High Carbon Steel Q235, all material is can be recycled. The material has a smooth surface and good quality, suitable for plating, powder-coated, which can offer you best finish to your metal wire chairs. All of our various finish and material options are commercial grades. The material can stand up to years of use for your continual enjoyment.



The wires are produced using a method of shaping. Each wire is placed to provide the utmost structural support for a long-lasting design. The wire can bend into any shape, our customer surprised by the comfort design.

Bend the metal with the mallet. To prevent damage or unsightly dents, it's best to use a rubber, plastic, or rawhide mallet to gently tap the metal. Do this until it bends toward the form block and achieves your desired angle gradually and evenly.we tapping should start at one end of the evolving bend.



All the metal wire chairs like modern wire chairs, folding chairs for kitchen and dining rooms are best carefully TIG or gas welded. There is no one welding process suitable for all applications, so we need to consider the following four factors: 1. the type and thickness of the metal we're welding. 2. the weight capacity of the chairs. 3. whether the wire chairs are for indoor or outdoor use. 4. what we want the welds to look like, and the client's budget and so on.



Metal, whether it’s made of steel, copper, brass, or silver, has an unfortunate tendency to tarnish and stain over time. Luckily, it’s pretty easy to remove these stains by coating metal with a specialized cleaner, then rubbing it down with a cloth or using a buffing wheel to polish it. Alternatively, you can also use a variety of different all-natural compounds to polish metal.

Go with a commercial polish made for the specific metal we’re polishing. There are multiple metal cleaning and polishing compounds that are designed to be used on specific types of metals.


Full Inspect

QianFu Furniture has a trusted independent inspection team. All our chairs will be Do PILOT LOT inspect, INITIAL inspect, IN-LINE inspect and FINAL inspect.

Each chair has a sample, all the production follow up the sample signed by the customer or sales team.

PILOT LOT inspect is necessary to follow up samples.

Mass production begins and the facility completes initial production runs.

We ask the QC 100% check the initial production

We did IN-LINE inspect after items done before surface treatment.


Full Inspect Before Package

Whether you are developing products, projects, or processes, you need trusted independent inspection to ensure that both your legal obligations and the standards you expect are met, at every stage. Our comprehensive range of inspection helps you to reduce risk, control quality and quantity, and meet all relevant regulatory requirements across different regions and markets.

FINAL inspect is check all items size, color, surface treatment, etc before package.



1. Cover furniture with bubble bag, bubble wrap, or furniture pads.

2. Wrap table and chair legs bubble bag, bubble wrap, or pads.

3. Secure covers with plastic wrap, bubble wrap.

4. Place pieces of cardboard on the corners of the chair and table and on glass tops of tables.

5. Wrap fragile items with styrofoam and bubble wrap.


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