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How To Care For Your Glass Top Bar Table

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When it comes to brightening up the area of your room from the bedroom to the living room, one perfect addition that does this perfectly is the glass top bar tables.


Glass top bar tables are naturally beautiful and exquisitely transparent yet robust enough for our day to day use.


When searching for that perfect coffee or dining glass top bar table, you need to partner with a reliable and experienced glass top bar table sale professionals.


For your glass table to look perfectly shinning and extraordinarily beautiful there is a need for proper and regular cleaning.


Procedure on how to clean a glass top bar table

To ensure that your glass top bar table always looks at its best, you need to constantly keep it free from dust and dirt.


It is ideal to clean your glass top bar table once a week or fortnight. However, this largely depends on the purpose and how frequently the table is used.

Cleaning your glass top bar table is a simple and easy task with just a few steps to have a shining and perfectly cleaned glass table.   

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One important thing of consideration is having the required tools for the process.


Then follow the simple step by step procedures highlighted below on how to clean a glass table.


 You will need the following for effective and efficient cleaning of your glass top bar tables:


· A spray can of glass cleaner

· Two unstained Microfiber cloths.

· A paper roll or duster

· Newspaper (this is optional).

Step 1

To begin the cleaning process of the glass top bar table, all the items on the table must be completely removed.


This is to  avoid any obstruction to the effective cleaning process. They are set aside and put back as soon as the process of cleaning is finished.


Step 2

With a few sheets of paper rolls or your duster remove light debris or dust from the surface of the glass top.


By doing this, the dust which should have been tapped on the table during the wet cleaning would have been done away with.


It also ensures that sticky or dried stains are easily identified.

Step 3

When you identify a thick or heavy stain, spray the glass cleaner directly onto it and leave it to soak for about thirty seconds.


Now take a piece of your clean microfiber cloths and apply a small amount of pressure on the stain using a circular motion for some time.


 If these stains persist, you may need to carry out this step more than once.


Step 4

 Spray very lightly the glass cleaner onto the glass tabletop and using the piece of microfiber cloth used in step three above to wipe the entire tabletop down.


Step 5

With a second unstained or clean microfiber cloth, dry off the glass table.


Step 6 (optional)

For an additional glittering take a few sheets of old newspaper making sure that all the brunt has been completely removed.


Crumble them up and rub over the glass top surface to remove any dust left by the microfiber cloth and bring out the extraordinary glow of your glass top bar table.


In a case where the glass tables come with their finishes such as sandblasting or acid etching, there may not be a need for step six.



One of the best additions to lighten up your space with absolute beauty is the acquisition of a glass top bar table.


Maintaining it to keep it always glowing and stunning is as important as buying the best quality glass top bar table


However, you need to work with a reliable and experienced glass top bar table sale professional for the best product.


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