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Simple DIY Tweaks To Revamp Your Cable Drum Bar Table

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Cable drum tables are very versatile, very aesthetic and trendy in many modern homes, lounges, bars and even some offices. 


They can be used and decorated for several purposes as it suits the individual owner, and this is one of the reasons they’re highly sought after. 


As a matter of fact, they are portable, cute and mostly affordable.


Although cable drum bar table seems a bit easy to find in the market, finding one with top-class quality may be a bit tricky.


For this reason, it is best to source for all your cable drum table from a reliable and experienced cable drum bar table supplier.



So, while trying to revamp your cable drum bar table for a better look, here are some materials and tools you may need for a simple DIY revamping

· Large cable Drum 

· Tiles

· Glazing material

· Sanding materials 

· Steel wool, vinegar and tea (for the aesthetic table stain)

· Grout

· Sander

· Paint.

 bar table

Here are the steps to get everything done 

1. The first step is to check and ensure that the cable drum is in great shape.


The table-top made of wood should not be too rustic. Tabletops come in different sizes, so a size that suits the purpose of the table (in this case a bar table) should be chosen. 


After selecting a cable drum with great quality, it should be cleaned thoroughly, sanded and vanished with any glaze such as wax or oil. 


2. A deep penetrating primer should be applied to the tabletop and let dry


3. The larder holes should then be sealed with Styrofoam and all the uneven sides should be smoothed with tile adhesive. It should be left to dry again. 


4. The tile adhesive should be applied with glue to mosaic or stone tiles. This process takes a few days to dry.


5. The flexible grout should be mixed following the instructions from the manufacturer


6. Apply the grout- this takes between 45-70 minutes


7. About 10 minutes after application, the waste grout should be wiped off using a sponge


8. Leave to dry again. The wipe to complete the process.


The cable drum bar table is ready after these phases!


In the revamping of cable drum bar tables, allowing all the processes to take their full course is very important. This is the case most especially in the drying process. 


Manufacturers always ensure that there is no rush when making this table just to ensure that the finished product is excellent. 



The mosaic or stone tile colours are usually neutral and stylish, and they usually match almost all interior designs and styles themes. 



Cable drum bar tables are a modern trend that gives several homes and lounges a chic feel. 


They come at relatively affordable prices and purchasing them is a plus. 


However, always remember that purchasing these tables must be from the most reliable cable drum bar table suppliers to enjoy all the great qualities of this table in your space.


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