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Routine Maintenance Tips For Wood Dining Table

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Top-notch quality wood furniture without doubts is a warm addition to the aesthetic looks of our homes and one that improves the interior décor of our rooms.


With the right and proper care of the selected dining tables, they will last for years and even become a family bequest with just a little attention and care.


When it comes to routine care of the wooden dining table, there are a lot of questions and concerns.


Indeed, the hardest-working surface in any home is the tabletop. This is not just for the stress involved but also the ease with which it can be damaged if not cared for correctly.


To a great extent, the pattern and the finish of your table determine the kind of care it requires.


However, before you think of this, one very important thing you shouldn’t forget is getting the best quality dining table.


You can partner with an experienced and reliable dining table manufacturer to give you the taste of quality you have longed for.


Yes, it does not take a large chunk of your time and energy to maintain your standard wood furniture. What you need is consistency.

Here are our well- researched recommendations for your wood dining table to retain its beauty and remain useful for many years.

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Caring For Your Quality Wood Dining Table

1. Avoid Direct Contact with Hot and Cold drinks

The use of those stylish coasters comes handy and can reduce the effect of hot or cold surfaces on your wood dining table.


You need these stylish coasters to avoid ring-like water spots on your table through condensation from such surfaces directly on it.


2. Avoid Strong and Direct Sunlight

Although our skin can be prevented from aging with the help of vitamin D from the sun, your dining table does not.


In fact, with constant exposure to sunlight, it can become old and discolored. A time the intense heat can cause dryness and create cracks.


Having a UV-resistant dining table can prevent the damaging effect of the sun on it but not completely.


So, the sure way to avoid this is to keep the curtains down if your wooden dining table is near a window when the sun is at its full strength.


3. Wipe with a Microfiber Cloth

The uses of these cloths have a great advantage because they have a way of attracting dust instead of spreading it around.


This could be a product of the positive charge on the clothes as you use them to rub the surface of the dining table.


4. Avoid Aerosol Polishers

Avoid the use of aerosol polisher! These polishers can build up on the surface of the wood and are not suitable for a varnished finish.


They may look convenient but they do not treat the wood due to the lacquer or sealant finish used on the dining table.


Spraying can be seen as an alternative but can entrap specks of dust that make their way to the surface of your table.


5. Use Soft and lint-free Cloth

A very good alternative to a Microfiber cloth is a very slightly damp, soft, clean cotton t-shirt.


It will collect the dust together instead of dispersing it into the surrounding air and then ultimately settles back to the surface of your dining table.


After each procedure, make sure you follow it with a dry towel to remove any moisture left on the dining table.


6. Work with the grain

It is instructional to follow the grain in the wood surface when using either of these cloths for wiping the surface of the wooden dining table.


Also, always ask for the required and specified cleaning instruction when launching customized furniture.


This is important because the finish and style of each piece may need a different approach to care.



The care of your dining table is as important as getting the right, reliable, and experienced dining table manufacturer that will supply the best grade and quality.


Following the steps above you are sure to have more value for your investment to beautify your homes and offices.


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