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How to choose and place bar tables and chairs?

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Going to a bar to drink, drink, and chat is a relaxing thing. Therefore, most consumers will choose a bar with the most comfortable environment. The so-called environment is mostly seen as the tables and chairs inside, which has a direct impact. According to their mood.Today, the editor will introduce some tips on the selection and placement of bar tables and chairs.


First of all, we need to know what the bar tables and chairs have on the bar.

Answer: Highlight the bar’s atmosphere, theme style, and sensory impact.


Four tips to teach you how to choose bar tables and chairs


1. Bar table materials


The use of materials determines its portability and is easy to carry. Obviously it is made of wood. Of course, the effect of bamboo will be better. But if the bar owner thinks it's not suitable for cleaning, then plastic will be better.


2. Height of bar tables and chairs


The height of bar chairs should be regarded as the most important thing in bar design. Although it all depends on the height of the bar table, people have their own standards. The appropriate height is anywhere between 7 and 13 inches above the bar chair seat.

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3. Quality inspection of bar tables and chairs


Check whether the structure of the bar table and chair is firm or not: When selecting the bar table and chair, you can drag it on the concrete floor, drop it gently, if the sound is clear, it means the quality is better; if the sound is dumb, there is a murmur , Which shows that the mortise joint is not tight and the structure is not strong.


4. Choose a guaranteed brand of bar tables and chairs


There are many brands of bar tables and chairs. Different brands have different designs for bar tables and chairs. First, choose a reliable brand, and then choose bar chairs from the appearance. You can consider the appearance design, size design, decoration and other aspects, and one more point is whether it is in harmony with the decoration style of the bar.


The layout of bar tables and chairs not only affects the decoration and aesthetics of the bar, but also has a great impact on the management, space division, and commercial operation of the bar. How to arrange the bar tables and chairs correctly?

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First, the layout of bar tables and chairs is closely related to the overall space division of the bar.


A bar, whether it is a clear bar or a more entertaining bar, its space can generally be divided into the following areas: reception area, consumption area, production area, performance area, office area, and toilet. The layout of the bar tables and chairs is based on the division of this area.


Second, the layout of bar tables and chairs should be oriented towards practicality.


The placement of bar tables and chairs should be practical-oriented, and the aisle walking and production needs should be taken into consideration when making the layout. The important thing is that bars generally need to have areas with good privacy. These areas need to be partitioned off. The type and layout of bar tables and chairs in this area should also meet this demand.


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