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Selection guide for steel wire sofa

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Wire sofa is a relatively common furniture. It is made of iron material as the main frame and then covered with cotton, cloth or leather. It is not only made of solid materials, but also full of artistic flavor from ancient times to the present.


For many small sized families, placing a steel wire sofa bed at home is a very practical choice. It combines the functions of sofa and bed furniture, saving room space to the greatest extent.


1. Style and color: The steel sofa bed pays more attention to the performance of the shape. The color and line will be much richer than the bed of other materials, so the range of choices is also relatively wide. Consumers can choose the overall style of home decoration according to their own preferences Similar styles; due to the material, the color range of the steel wire sofa bed is relatively small, generally black, bronze and bright colors. Consumers can choose iron bed products that are in harmony with the room color according to their own preferences.

 wire sofa

2. Material and processing technology: The basic materials of the steel wire sofa are divided into casting and forging. The casting material is bulky and fragile, but the hardness is stronger; the forging material is flexible, moderate in strength, and has a more shiny appearance. It is recommended that you choose Purchase steel wire sofas made of forged materials. There are generally two types of paint treatments for steel wire sofas: baking paint and spray painting. It is recommended that consumers try to buy environmentally friendly and healthy paint beds.


3. Product firmness: You have to sit up and try it yourself to see if there is a creaking noise when shaken or stressed; see if the solder joints at the welding place are stable. The riveting of metal parts and steel pipes should also be firm, and there should be no looseness. And the rivet cap should be lubricated, smooth, free of burrs and no files. In addition, attention should be paid to whether its appearance is bright, whether the welding points are smooth and reliable, and whether the appearance of the furniture frame is symmetrical and harmonious.


4. Brand and service: A high-quality steel wire sofa not only has good materials, a firm combination, and no pollution, but also some details, such as the surface treatment of metal materials. Are there unsightly welding scars? Can the skin and clothing burrs be damaged?

 wire sofa

For example, are the iron art sofa legs and the ground connection material made of plastic or rubber? In terms of service, is it delivered to the door for installation? Is repair service promised? Can the relevant accessories be purchased separately?


5. Ask for details: In addition, you should ask whether it can be solved by moisture proofing. Metals that are easily oxidized by moisture (such as iron, etc.) are not suitable for households living in areas with high humidity. Paint furniture should ensure that the paint film does not fall off, no wrinkles, no significant sagging, no bumps, no bumps and scratches. The wall of the steel pipe is not allowed to have cracks, open welding, no significant wrinkles at the twists and turns, and no cutting edges, burrs and corners at the pipe mouth.




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