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How to choose a dining table?

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First of all, it is necessary to determine the area of the dining area. Whether it has a special dining room or a living room or study that serves as a dining room, first determine the maximum area of the dining space that can be occupied.


If the house is large and there is an independent restaurant, you can choose a table with a heavy feeling to match the space. If the area of the restaurant is limited and the number of diners is not certain, and the number of diners may increase during holidays, you can choose the most common style on the market-retractable dining table, which has a movable board in the middle, and put it in the middle of the table or take it down when not in use. Don’t buy an extra-large dining table for parties that are only three or four times a year.

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For small families with limited area, a dining table can be used for multiple roles, such as a writing desk or a mahjong table for entertainment. In a family without a separate restaurant, the first thing to consider is whether the table can satisfy all the members of the family? Is it easy to pack up? Therefore, the foldable dining table, which is more common in the market, is more suitable for selection.


Secondly, you can choose according to the overall style of the room. If the living room is luxuriously decorated, the dining table should choose the corresponding style, such as classical European style; if the living room style emphasizes simplicity, you can consider buying a simple and generous style with glass countertops. In addition, the old dining table does not necessarily have to be thrown away. Under the current trend of natural style, if you own a solid wood old-fashioned dining table, you can move it into your new home, as long as you spread a tablecloth with a coordinated color and decoration on it. Another piece of elegance.


The shape of the dining table has some influence on the atmosphere of the home. The rectangular dining table is more suitable for larger gatherings; while the round dining table makes people feel more democratic; the irregular table top, such as a "comma" shape, is more suitable for two people in a small space, which looks warm and natural; There are foldable styles, which are more flexible to use than fixed styles.

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The dining table needs extra support. Some people say that a dining table is a model that you can dress up. In order to show its unique style, you can choose different tablecloths, such as simple linen tablecloths to show a traditional flavor, bright and bright tablecloths can make people feel a cheerful and lively atmosphere.


In addition, the appropriate lamps and lanterns above the dining table can not only let people appreciate the beauty of food, but also create a charming atmosphere. It's so happy to enjoy a well-cooked dinner with family and friends at the well-dressed dining table.


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