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Popular Bar Stools For Home

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One of the latest addition to a contemporary home is a bar section just around your lounge. And to crown the ambience of fun and relaxation which your bar is designed to give, some exquisite sets of bar stools are must-have for your guest to relax on.

The most outstanding quality of most bar stools for home such as the metal wire bar stools is the irresistible beauty and luxury they bring to your space.

In this post, we bring to you the most popular bar stool you should look at for when considering bar stools for your home. And guess, what these stools are designed with durable metal and steel materials that gives them a timeless look year in year out.


1. Ellis Metal Wire Bar Stool

Ellis metal wire bar stool is one of a kind that is specially designed to fit into your bar or kitchen with it minimalistic design.

metal wire bar stools

Designed from a thin but durable steel wire, this stool gives you full support with its two sled-like legs which flares out as it goes down. The flared legs are also supported with a squares cross bar which serves as a supportive foot rest.

Ellis metal wire bar stool also features a low back rest with a bucket shaped seat with a spindle-like design that comes with bands of tubular metal wire.

The assembly of this metal wire bar stool is super easy to do. All you need to do is just to fix the base of the bucket shaped seat to the legs and there you are good to go.


2. Charles Eames Metal Wire Bar Stool

This is another exclusive design with the state of the art design to give you maximum comfort and relaxation. The full back and arm rest design of Charles Eames metal wire bar stool makes it the one of the top pick for most buyers of metal wire bar stool.

metal wire bar stools

More so, the well flared legs make it very balanced with a front cross bar for your foot rest. However, Charles Eames metal wire bar stool doesn’t come fully assembled.


3. Cecelia Metal Wire Bar Stool

Cecelia metal wire bar stool is another understated bar stool that will fit into your bar spare with lots of comfort for you and your guess.

metal wire bar stools

This stool features four flared legs with a full back support where you can comfortably rest your back weight. Also, the flared legs have a front cross where you can rest your feet and the X-shaped support underneath is purposely added to give you complete balance and support while on this stool.

Although it has no arm rest, the bucket shaped seat is well rounded to keep you balanced, and it requires no assembly since it will arrive your home fully assembled after purchase.


4. Scandinavian Vintage Metal Wire Bar Stool

The Scandinavian style vintage is a low hollow design metal wire bar that is designed to give you real comfort, especially with its low design that ensures that your feet have a full contact with the floor.

metal wire bar stools

This metal wire bar stool has a low back rest design and it is fitted with a leather seat to give you the real feeling of relaxation as you sit on it.


5. Roberts Metal Wire Bar Stool

Roberts is designed with the intention of giving your bar a dose of style with its 26” height. Its four slim legs are made of four sturdy metals, and they are held together with a four crossbars made of metal which serves as foot rest for you.

metal wire bar stools

Although armless, Roberts is designed with a bucket-shaped seat that is laid with a thick leather cushion to give you real comfort as you wine on it. Worried about assembly? That’s no problem because Roberts metal wire bar stool comes fully assembled.


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