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How to Restore Rusting Wire Chairs?

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Metal wire chairs are an appealing outdoor furniture. But, when exposed to oxygen and humidity these outdoor chairs undergo an oxidation process known as rusting. Yes, the paint protects the chairs from oxidation, but as the paint ages, it develops cracks and peels off giving rise to the rust which can bite the wire surfaces.

Removing rust and paint from your wire chairs before structural damage occurs will give you an opportunity to revitalize your outdoor furniture.


How to remove rust from your wire furniture

Step 1

Remove the cushions from the chairs. Before starting, check the metal wire for structural damage, as rust can weaken the legs or arms.


Step 2

Clean the chairs with a cloth to remove loose rust or dirt. Scrape the entire chair with a large dry wire brush. Hold it firmly and rub the brush against the metal to remove rust and paint from the chair.


Step 3

Switch to a smaller wire brush. Push the brush between the decorative openings that are too small for the large wire brush. Rub each section of the chair to remove as much rust as possible.


Step 4

Sand the chair with the sandpaper to remove more rust. Start with a thick sandpaper to remove the paint and rust lightly embedded in the chair. Repeat the sanding process with a medium grit sandpaper, and finish with a fine grit sandpaper.


Step 5

Mix a commercial rust remover following the directions on the label. This product will remove rust and paint stains that are difficult to detect or that you have not been able to remove with brushing.


Step 6

Wet the wire brush in the bucket with rust remover. Focus on the areas where you still see rust. Avoid moving the brush in a modest way so as not to scratch the iron. Move the brush in circles.


Step 7

Switch to a dry brush after scrubbing the visibly rusty areas with the remover and brush. Use the dry brush to clean the chair thoroughly to remove all the rust residues left by the rust remover.


Step 8

Sand the chair with a piece of stainless steel wool. Use circular motions to help smooth the surface of the chair.


Step 9

Once rust free, clean the wires with a wet sponge. Let it dry.


How to take out the paint from your wire chairs


Step 1

Examine the dry metal wire chair to ensure there is no rust. Apply a commercial paint remover with a brush or sponge, depending on the type of paint remover you have chosen.


Step 2

Let the remover work as directed on the package. Some work in minutes, while others take hours.


Step 3

Clean the residue from the paint remover with a cloth or sponge. During this process, wear gloves to prevent your skin from coming into contact with the paint remover.


Step 4

Use a wire brush to remove any paint remover residue from crevices or iron chair decorations. Look for traces of paint by carefully looking at the joints of the legs and arms with the body of the chair. Use sandpaper to remove small paint stains that still remain.


Step 5

Apply a paint base with antioxidant protector before repainting the chair.


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