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Plia Chair Bearing 205KG Load Test for 48 Hours

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Recently an experiment of plia chair bearing 205KG load test for 48 hours has been successfully done. Plia chair, as a star product in chair series, is suitable for cafe furniture, office furniture, restaurant furniture, church furniture, indoor use. It is manufactured from 20*10*1.6mm tube and PC material. And its pads on table base protect floors. The experiment used a 205KG sandbag and put it on a plia folding chair randomly picked in the factory. Using machine to hang up this bag and put on the picked chair. After 48 hours, the plia folding chair still showed the previous look without any obvious mark of bearing 205KG for two days. Without no doubts, it is sufficient to show that plia chair in LEXUFUR has really standing-out quality in bearing such weight, let alone ordinary people sitting on it.

load test.jpg

chair after test.jpg

chair after test.jpg

To briefly sum up, if you have a need of buying folding & stacking chairs, LEXUFUR is highly recommended for you. Products of this company not only have latest design and customization, but also have apparently competitive edge of the quality in the market.


For products in LEXUFUR, they are divided into seven series: chairs, bar stools, dining tables, bar tables, coffee tables and wire sofas. Each series have different colors, materials, sizes and so on for customers to choose. Take bar stools as an example. No matter what’s style of your house and what’s color of your other furniture, you can probably pick a suitable bar stool in LEXUFUR. What’s more, LEXUFUR, they have integrated a lot of new design and creativity into their products. Like the dining tables, those products are obviously different form the traditional tables with brand-new design which could easily catch the young generation’s eyes and expand the target customer groups.

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The same in other series as well as the chair series. There are seven types of folding chairs for you to choose. If you have a need of such products, you can click the “Inquire” bottom to send message to the company with your detailed requirement. As mentioned before, LEXUFUR can also satisfy almost your personal customization. 

LEXUFUR is a famous wire furniture company in China, which also has its own factory. Chairs, Bar stools, dining tables, bar tables, coffee tables and wire sofas all are the main cores of its business. It devoted to wire products and wire furniture since 2002. And professional customization and personal design are provided to customer with its own design copyright. With nearly 20-years business, LEXUFUR maintains stable personnel for the internal management and rich experience for the external management. If you want to ask why LEXUFUR is a recommended as a standing-out company in the industry. For LEXUFUR, they promise "We make products that make us be different from others, we produce what we believe to be unique, and this is what we call the soul of LEXUFUR. Founded in 2002, we are now located in the "World Factory" - Dongguan in China. Our factory covers an area of over 6500 square meters with an enlarging work team. Specializing in modern chairs and tables for outdoor/indoor made of metal wire." If you are interested in it, you can visit the official website to learn more about folding chairs in LEXUFUR.


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