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Metal Wire Bar Stools Recommendation

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Whether it is your kitchen island zone or your bar/cafe, metal wire bar stools could be the perfect siting option for you. These days, contemporary interiors in houses and bars allow lightweight aesthetics in space that do more than just space-filling. These aesthetics become part of that room so choosing the right furniture, especially comfortable chairs is very important. Metal bar stools are the kind of chairs that can be used in your kitchen, outdoor lawns, office, restaurant, and bar all at the same time. The attraction for these wire bar stools is their unique design. Wire carefully woven in a quality steel frame gives the elements of nature that is why this is a perfect option to show off the classic symmetry of wire.

Different types of metal bar stools

There are three basic types of metal bar stools. These include the following:

Steel framed: There are wire bar stools that are made with steel frame and are available in more 3 or 4 metallic shades. These are preferred for outdoors.

Faux leather: Some of these metal wire bar stools come with a slightly leather padding to create a more modern and richer look. The leather isn’t real but manufactured in high quality. These types of metal bar stools are used in offices, cafes, and bars.

Other upholstery: To create a more artistic vibe, micro fabric and suede are used to make cushioned seats. This is more of a traditional style, but it blends the contemporary and traditional warmth in a sophisticated way. These kinds of wire bar stools are often placed in lounge, studios, beaches, and anywhere where you want to show a little bit of creativity.

The metal bar stools come in different sizes and shapes as well. In modern times, there are different designs that compliment your chic and minimalistic space. The modern-day furniture designer can make you customized metal bar stools as well or you can choose from their portfolio collections. The common shapes include the seashell, square, stools with armrest, and harry Bertoia shapes among the other. Some wire bar stools come with long metal legs that are perfect to reach the kitchen, bar, or any other kind of counters.

How to choose a metal bar stool for yourself?

Usually, when you plan to buy a metal bar stool for yourself, you have to consider where and why do you want to put it. If you want to put it in the kitchen, you must measure the length of your counters. Suppose it is 40 inches long, then your wire stool should be 30 inches. The difference should be enough to let you sit comfortably. As for which type should you consider, we recommend go for the one that is comfortable to sit on. Choosing a color is very important. For a contemporary styled environment, matte painted wire bar stool would be ideal. If you are looking to go a little overboard, try the shiny painted stools along with some flower embellishments in the room.


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