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Chrome Plating In The Furniture Manufacturing Process

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Chrome plating in the furniture manufacturing process

In the realm of furniture manufacturing, surface finishing plays a vital role in enhancing aesthetics, durability, and resistance to corrosion. Among the myriad of finishing techniques available, powder coating, electroplating, and chrome plating stand out as popular choices, each offering unique characteristics and benefits. 

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Chrome Plating: A Subtype of Electroplating

Chrome plating, a subset of electroplating, specifically refers to the process of depositing a thin layer of chromium onto a metal object. It's renowned for its mirror-like finish and exceptional hardness, making it highly resistant to wear and corrosion. Chrome plating is widely used in furniture for decorative accents and high-use components like chair legs and table bases.


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The chrome plating process mirrors electroplating but with specialized baths and conditions tailored to chromium deposition. A crucial step is the application of a underlying layer of nickel or copper to ensure better adhesion and enhance the reflective quality of the final chrome layer.

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