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Simple Wire Furniture To Accents Your Space

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The wire furniture is smooth, has multiple functions and is also lightweight. It is made for a select few and this makes it unique. 

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There are different things to put into consideration when we discuss wire furniture. Apart from the materials, design, aim and intended reason of usage, another thing to consider is the beauty, artistic appearance as well as the flexibility. To get the best out of this furniture, a wire furniture manufacturer must always be one call away.

1.Nolita Series 

This collection has to do with artistic styles that display simplicity in every form. An aesthetic collection of metal garden chairs is the motivation behind these series.

The chairs found in this series are characterized by low backrests and completely made out of steel, with simplicity cutting across the geometric patterns as well as the styles. 

The Nolitia series were specially made for outdoors, places like rooftops, balconies and gardens. In order to save space, they can easily be stacked and they are available in different colours.

2.Wire Side Table 

The wire side table has an beautiful aesthetic piece that looks classy and potentially cute when used in different settings, ranging from industrial, modern to vintage. It’s amazing to see the transformation with the inclusion of the abstract silhouette of a bird which gives it a bird cage look.

3.The AfrodiKrass Series

The idea behind this series is based on lightness and involves a number of shapes with smooth tips and clean lines. They work well in a modern setting. 

They also come in different colors and finishes. They can be used as side tables or accent pieces for offices, living rooms and all other kinds of spaces.

4.The Bird CageTable

Just as the name implies, the bird cage table is designed as a bird cage. It is small in size and measures 65 cm W x 65 cm D x 47 cm H. owing to its dimension, it double as a side table and a Coffee table. This however depends on the size, function and type. This piece of furniture is pleasing to the eyes and is exceptional, functional and practical.

5.Classical Wire Garden Chair With Modern Upgrade. 

The classical wire garden chair come in beautiful and bold colors. The design is a mixture of basic lines and geometric patterns.

The  design is a perfect mixture of balance and comfort as it does not subdue the surroundings or the décor while still using vivid colours.


You can get the most out of your furniture if you understand the usage for each of them. However, when dealing with furniture, it is always important to seek the assistance of a Wire Furniture Manufacturer.

A Wire Furniture Manufacturer is more experienced and can give accurate advice on furniture that might not come in a manual.


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