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Maintenance Methods Of Marble Top Side Table

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Marbles furniture have been used in homes for centuries due to the inherent and natural beauty which they have. Also outstanding about marble is the fact that, each marble is unique, and this makes various homeowners to feel special whenever they invest in one.


Besides the unique nature of marble furniture, they can easily lend themselves to give a piece of furniture a contemporary minimalist designs, and this has led to their popularity and wide usage over the years.


Since marble are this important with a huge price tag on them, no one ever wants to see their hard earned money end up in ruin due to lack of adequate maintenance.


For this reason, there is a great deal of need to take good care of your marble furniture especially when they are used as side table top.


Besides taking adequate care of your marble material, the very first step to have the best investment is by sourcing for this precious furniture top material from a professional and reliable manufacturer.


So, let’s quickly check out some maintenance methods for your marble top side table.


Cleaning and Polishing

One of the best ways to maintain your marble top side table is by wiping the surface with a non-abrasive cloth or sponge with warm water. However, this doesn’t remove stains or etching which have penetrated the surface of the marble over a long period of time.


Nevertheless, you can take care of this by covering the marble material with a marble-polishing cream that will make it shiny and smooth. However, you need to consult a professional manufacturer of marble for side table on how to go about this.

 Marble Top Gun Metal Side Table Frame Metal Wire

Surface Protection

Another good way, which seems more of a preventive way of maintaining your marble top for side table is by avoiding to place hot pans directly on the surface of your marble top. To avoid this, you can use a liquid-proof table pads to serve as a barrier that will protect your marble top from the direct heat of the pan


Using Seals

Another good way to maintain you marble top side table is by protecting it surface. Well, your marble top side table must have been delivered with a seal, but you still need to be conscious of this fact, and then make it a routine to replace the seal every six months or once every year.


You can easily tell that your marble top side table needs a new seal whenever you notice that water droplets on the surface doesn’t form beads any longer


Removal of Stains

Well, one thing you can’t completely prevent is stains on your marble top side table. However, you can easily remove such stains using the best practice that won’t affect your marble top.


Below are some of the best methods to remove any lingering stains from the surface of your marble material.

· Stains from organic source such as food, tea, fruit can be easily removed using a mixture of 12% hydrogen peroxide with a few droplets of ammonia on the affected area.


· Stains from oil such as cooking oil, grease or cosmetics can be removed using a soft liquid cleanser, mineral spirits, household detergent or even ammonia.


· Stains from paint can be easily removed using a lacquer thinner.


· For stains from smoke, you can use a commercial smoke removing product to take care of your marble top side table.


· Stains from metallic rust can be removed using a powder called poultice since they can prove very stubborn to clean.


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