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We have had the time to browse through decoration magazines during the summer holiday. And when we return home, we plan to make changes to the interior of the house.

dining table

Along with the sofa, the dining table is one of the furniture most prone to these changes. In a little while we will be thinking about Christmas meetings when the table becomes a meeting center with family and friends.

In this post, we are going to show you some aspects that are key for you to be fully successful in choosing your next dining table.

Let’s get started!

1. The materials of the dining table

The material with which the dining tables have traditionally been manufactured has been wood. Although it is still the most used material, dining tables have appeared with new materials that allow you to shape attractive designs.

Think about the wire crafts. Here, the dining table is designed with metal feet to ensure the stability and durability and to provide you with more comfort when taking your meal. It is conducive even for large groups. 

The Wire craft dining table with wooden top has become one of the latest trends in dining tables especially evens. This type of table has a great advantage. This can be seen in the fact that it has great resistance to heat and scratches, hence they can be put in the kitchen too.

2. The size and shape of our dining room

Ideally, the dining table reproduces the shape of the space that we are going to occupy. Hence, we can find various forms of dining tables:

Rectangular dining tables: They are the most common and the easiest to integrate into the available space.

Square dining tables: If the shape of your dining room is this, or you have little space, they are the most appropriate.

Round dining tables: With them you achieve greater sociability among diners, since it facilitates the conversation between them. As with square dining tables, round dining tables are perfect in tight or limited spaces.

Oval dining table: They are recommended for narrow spaces, since it allows us to take better advantage of the headboards of the table.

3. The style of dining room decoration

Once we are clear about the size and shape of the dining table, we have to choose what decorative style you want to have in your dining room. Currently we can find a wide variety of styles of dining tables. Here are some of them:

Classic dining tables:  They are ideal for lovers of elegant and sophisticated spaces. Made of noble woods such as walnut, cherry or oak, the classic dining tables convey style and personality.

Comfort is crucial when sitting at the table especially when you will be having your friends and family together. Also important are the kind of seats that you place around them. Hence, when making your choice of a dining table, do not forget to include the style of the sofas, in addition to the interior décor.


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