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How to choose the right side table

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The industry believes that when consumers choose a side table, in addition to considering their personal preferences, there are other points that can be referred to:


1. The depth of color: while the calm, dark wood furniture is suitable for larger classical spaces.


2. Space size: Space size is the basis for considering the size of the side table. The space is not large, but an oval side table is better. The soft shape makes the space relaxed and not cramped. If you are in a large space, you can consider that in addition to the large side table with the main sofa, you can also choose a higher side table beside the single chair in the hall as a small functional and decorative side table to add more space to the space. Lots of fun and variety.


3. Safety performance: Since the side table is placed in a place where you often move around, special attention should be paid to the handling of the corners of the table, especially when there are children at home.

 Side Table

4. Stable or mobile: Generally speaking, the large side table next to the sofa cannot move frequently, so pay attention to the stability of the side table; while the small side table placed next to the armrest of the sofa is often used randomly, and you can choose Model with wheels.


5. Pay attention to functionality: In addition to the beautiful decoration function, the side table also carries tea sets, snacks, etc., so pay attention to its carrying and storage functions. If the living room is small, you can consider buying a coffee table with storage function or with a retractable function to adjust it according to the needs of the guests.


If the color of the side table is neutral, it is easier to coordinate with the space.


The side table does not have to be placed in the center of the front of the sofa, it can also be placed next to the sofa, in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows, with tea sets, lamps, potted plants and other decorations, which can show an alternative home style.


A small piece of carpet that matches the space and sofa can be laid under the glass side table, and a small potted plant can be placed to make the tabletop a beautiful pattern. The height of the side table is generally flush with the seat surface of the sofa; in principle, it is better that the side table legs and the armrests of the sofa are consistent with the style of the feet.

 Side Table

Our steel wire side table has high finish, strong plasticity, sturdiness and durability, and various styles; its unique metal "cold" texture makes the hot summer a hot season for steel wire side tables. The colors and shapes are changeable, and consumers can let the merchants produce various shapes according to their desired patterns to meet the needs of a variety of decoration styles.


Compared with wood products, the degree of personalization and plasticity of the steel wire side table are slightly better. Generally speaking, solid wood cannot make some special shapes, and the price of solid wood partitions is very high whether it is material or labor, and the shape of steel wire partitions can be adjusted according to the owner's preference and modeling needs, and the price is relatively low; Compared with resin partitions and MDF partitions, the color of steel wire partitions can be freely adjusted according to style needs, which is also a major advantage.


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