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How Tall Should Bar Stools Be

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Life is easy and enjoyable when you are comfortable and relaxed. Whether you are taking a bottle of drink or a cup of cold water after a long stressful day, it is necessary to sit on a comfortable bar stool while relieving the stress of the day.


Bar stools come in different heights and shapes. We have a standard height that makes sitting comfortably. So, before you buy a bar stool, it is essential to know the exact height that is good for you and your clients.


While checking the suitable height of stools that will make sitting comfortable, it is important to purchase it from a reliable and experienced manufacturer. Here, the stress of choosing the best height is taken care of. You are sure to get the best product.


Why We Have Bar Stools Of Different Heights

We have bar stools of different heights because different kinds of tables have different heights. As such, the height of bar stools changes from one table to the other. This is as a result of choosing the best height for each table.


We have three major industry standards for the heights of countertops. They are:

· Bars

· Tables

· Counters


The average height for a counter-height table is 40 – 43 inches. The average height for the dining table is 28 – 30 inches. The average height for the bar table is 40 – 42 inches.

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Heights Of Stools

The general standard for the selection of suitable stools for each table is by choosing a stool that is 9 – 13 inches shorter than the height of the table. It brings comfort and makes it easy to sit.

· For a bar of an average height of 40 – 42 inches, stool height of 28 – 33 inches is suitable

· For a counter of an average height of 34 – 36 inches, a stool height of 24 – 27 inches is suitable.

· For a table of an average height of 28 – 30 inches, a stool height of 16 – 19 inches is suitable.


Ideal Height For Bar Stools

From the above standard, a bar stool of 28 – 33 inches is suitable for a bar counter of 40 – 42 inches. To get the exact height, subtract 9 – 13 inches from the height of the bar, the remaining height is the height of the bar stool.


To measure the height, use a tape rule to measure from the top to the floor of the table. Do the same thing to the barstool, and subtract the values to get the required measurement.


However, you can choose any height that is comfortable for you. But remember, it wrong to choose a bar stool that is taller than the table. If you try it, you are sure to battle with discomfort whenever you use it.

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Investing in quality bar stools is important for you and your clients. Sometimes knowing the most suitable height for your stool may be daunting. As a reliable and experienced manufacturer, we produce quality products that meet your needs. Kindly contact us for quality bar stools of appropriate height. We provide professional advice to enable you to make the right choice. Click here to check our products. 


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