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Chair Trend 2022: Metal Wire Furniture

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Chair Trend 2022: Metal Wire Furniture


Although we’re almost into the year, it’s never too late to discuss the top and hottest trends in furniture for 2022. We are always on the lookout for new styles to get inspired by and for ways to incorporate these trends into our homes. You are in luck as we tackle in-depth one of the fastest rising trends the furniture has ever seen – metal wire furniture. If you’re looking to buy new furniture, you’ll want to know why this trend is worth adding to your shopping list.

The Resurgence of Metal Wire Furniture

metal wire furniture has had a long history. Since the 1950s, metal furniture has constantly evolved. You can now find a wide range of style choices that include more traditional pieces made out of wrought iron to the minimalist and edgy styles of today. In many homes, they even combine these different styles together to create a standout interior décor.

Indeed, the approach to interior decorating with the use of furniture has significantly changed over the years. And yet, metal furniture remains one of the most enduring options in the market, whether it is for indoor or outdoor use. The rising trend of indoor-outdoor furniture, in particular, has seen metal wire furniture take center stage. As this style remains in high demand, you can expect that it will be seen in more homes in the next few years, whether in the patio, living room, or dining room.

Making Your Home Stand Out with Metal Wire Furniture

It did not take long for the popularity of metal wire furniture to catch on after it hit furniture store shelves. The use of metal wire fits the bill of the ever-growing Scandinavian furniture design and the minimalism movement. Also, it is hard to deny that these pieces are eye-catching so they are the best choice of accent piece.

The exposed structural elements and the geometric details are just some of the reasons why homeowners and interior decorators love this trend. Other notable metal trends in the furniture industry include slim legs, curved and round bases, and monotone color schemes. These elements speak minimal elegance.

If you are planning to invest in metal wire chair this year, it’s time to make the most of its visual impact to your interior space. Here are some ideas on how you can integrate this furniture trend to your home.

· Opt for a rugged black metal wire furniture finish. The monochrome look along with the intricate metalwork of the wire material can give a touch of industrial detail to your home interior.

· Choose a vibrant finish to your metal wire chair such as gold, silver, or brass accent. This is the perfect choice of chair when decorating a mid-century interior space.

· You can add a touch of understated glamour to your home interior by incorporating metal wire furniture that feature high shine metal.

· Think about the best color combinations to use in order to make your home interior visually stand out. According to design experts, the best color combinations when adding metal wire furniture with other décor pieces in your home include silver and brown (or any other earth colors). Try to not over-do it, though. Stick to a maximum of three metals when decorating a space.

· Transform your home interior space by making your metal wire chair the focal point of the design, instead of an accent. You can use the metal wire chair as the starting point when conceptualizing the décor and then add in other details that complement that.

· Feel free to combine metal wire chairs and tables into your room with other types of materials. This one takes a bit of research to determine what materials work best together. You can browse online for some inspiration or consult with an interior decorating expert so they can point you to the right combinations before you invest in a new piece of furniture.

If you love the metal wire chair trend, or metal wire furniture in general, you should be excited. Metal wire chair has been winning the hearts of homeowners and interior decorators for years, and it isn’t stopping anytime soon. The great thing about it is that metal wire chairs are no longer just limited to your patio or garden. There are endless opportunities for you to add them to your living space, whether indoors or outdoors.


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