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A Merry Christmas Celebration To All Our Customers And Staff

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Christmas celebrations are famous organization’s tradition that brings the employees and management staff together to celebrate the company’s achievement for the year. And also honor some esteemed employees for their exceptional contributions.


But this year’s yuletide celebration takes a different form or dimension, although the Coronavirus pandemic seem to make it looks Grinch. We at QianFu Furniture Manufacturing Co., Limited, find an alternative way to make this festive season celebration a funfair.


It might interest you to know that Coronavirus pandemic slows down patronage as most of the businesses were shut down as a measure to control the widespread of the virus.


Besides, most organizations ran into bankruptcy, leading to folding up. On the other hand, we remain grateful to that we are strong and work as a company, and we hope for a more greatness come next year ahead.


It would have been unfair on our path not to rejoice with our employees and associates for surviving this trying moment we find ourselves.


It was a time to celebrate our existence despite the hash economy brought to us by a coronavirus. Also, we use this opportunity to create more awareness of our products and services.


As we aspired to become a leading manufacturer and supplier of a side table, our tradition of sharing a gift to our employees was still on course in the season's ecstasy by engaging our esteemed employees and honor them for their contributions.


Traditionally, we love consenting our employees to choose from our variety of yuletide packages. It is our greater joy to witness our employees actively participating in the celebration.

 Merry Christmas

All thanks to our welfare team for making this year's Christmas celebration a unique one. Each employee was given a credit card with a particular amount on it to use for online shopping avoiding stores to curb the spread of the infections. This was in line with our customs by giving them a free hand to shop what was essential to their respective family. Alongside the credit card shared with each employee were copies of seasonal greetings cards.


We believe that seasonal greeting cards to each employee as one of the Christmas gifts are that the employee will decide how they want to share or use it to celebrate this season among their loved ones. It was a moment of joy among our employees as they received their parcels for the Christmas celebrations.


The chairman of the employees' congress reacted on behalf of the employee, expressing gratitude and pledges commitment to stand by the company in this trying time. Also, to give their best in the coming years to maintain their lead as a significant side table supplier.


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