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5 Types of Tables to Spruce Up Your Space

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If you're just doing up your new home and are looking to buy tables or want to replace that decade-old dining table, here's a list of the different types of tables to know of. Knowing your cocktail table from your dining table isn't necessarily obvious to a young person or a first time home buyer, so a quick review is definitely on the menu.

Cocktail Table

As the name suggests, cocktail tables are stylish, sophisticated tables that serve as great centerpieces, whether in your living room or your garden and outdoor seating area.


These decorative tables are used to hold drinks and snacks while being conversation starters thanks to their aesthetic appeal.


Additionally, one of the most appealing features of these tables is that while they are large enough to hold several types of drinking glasses and platters, they are still compact enough to not take up too much space on the floor, mainly owing to the fact that they generally have just one central leg holding them up.


Coffee Table

Cocktail tables are also known as coffee tables, the only difference being that what we call cocktail tables are generally square or rectangular, whereas coffee tables are usually round.


The best spot to put a cocktail or coffee table is in front of the sofa to hold your magazines, books, drink cups, television remote, and so on. Some coffee tables come with in-built cabinets, allowing storage space.

coffee table

Dining Table

An extremely common type of table that most of us have heard of, dining tables make mealtime a family affair. They're great for gatherings as well, family or otherwise.


These tables are large enough to accommodate a veritable buffet spread as well as provide enough space for members to sit around and eat comfortably from their plates. Dining tables can truly lend an inviting aura to any space,.

dinning table

Side Table

These tables are small and compact tables that go next to your bed—a convenient spot to place your books, lamp, glasses, and anything else you may need to take off you before going to sleep, without the need to get out of your bed.

side table

Bar Table

Bar tables may come as a part of a full home bar setup or a large table with space to prep meals, host dinners and store cutlery.


These are great options for the party animals or those who frequently host guests at their homes. People will need a place to stand around and set their belongings.

bar table

Know Your Types of Tables

With such a range of tables available to fulfill a range of purposes, you're never going to be at a loss when it comes to picking out the right table anymore, whether it's for aesthetic value or functionality.


Remember, what kind of table you pick out and where you place it can make all the difference between the room looking cluttered or not; additionally, the size of the table also matters, so don't pick one that's larger than necessary—it will just end up taking more space than required.


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